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2024-02-22 15:37:38 Current Affairs

On the afternoon of December 13th,Current Affairs the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Zhongguancun Management Committee held a warning education conference on "Learning by Cases and Promoting Reform" to thoroughly implement the spirit of the city's warning education conference.Zhang Jihong, secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.A total of more than 150 members of the leadership team members, leading cadres at or above the deputy department of the committee, members of the first development group, and the executive heads of new R & D institutions attended the meeting.

Participants collectively watched the warning educational film "The First Heart" "Falling" "Figured".The meeting deeply analyzed the severe situation facing the party's comprehensive and strict governance of the party, in -depth analysis of the typical cases of disciplinary violations and the four aspects of the four aspects of inspections, audit supervision, and special governance discovery., Disciplinary discipline and rules are deeply dig deep into the root cause behind the problem.The meeting asked party members and cadres to learn from the lessons, and to further build the foundation of faith, tighten the string of discipline, and implement the responsibilities of the foundation, and effectively build the bottom line of the clean government.

Zhang Jihong emphasized that we must always maintain a strict tone and persevere to promote the comprehensive and strict development of the party to develop in depth, focusing on five aspects:First, we must unswervingly strengthen the political construction of the party, strictly clear political discipline and political rules.Deeply understand the decisive significance of "two establishment" and resolutely achieve "two maintenance".Tighten the realistic responsibility system, strengthen the construction of political organs, combine the creation of exemplary organs, strengthen regular political medical examinations of party members and cadres, and develop positive and healthy party political culture within the party.Second, we must persistently consolidate the soul and build the foundation of loyalty and cleanliness.Consolidate the results of the theme education, promote Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and take root in the minds, and effectively transform the learning effectiveness into ideas and measures to do a good job of work and crack problems.It is necessary to implement the requirements of "talking about politics, being able to carry work, dare to take responsibility, willingness to act, keep the bottom line, is being a person, and take care of the collective", accelerate the forging "innovative development combat team", and resolutely carry the responsibilities and mission given by the Party Central Committee, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.Third, we must resolutely suppress the political responsibility of governing the party, and the above rate is strict.Hold the responsibility system for this "cow nose" to ensure that the pressure is transmitted layer by layer and the responsibility is intertwined.It is necessary to grasp the construction of the grass -roots party organizations of the whole system, enhance combat effectiveness and cohesion, promote the integration of party building and business, adhere to the secretary of grasping and the secretary, and give full play to the role of party branches and "first leaders".Fourth, we must adhere to the political ecology of righteousness and discipline with a strict tone, and cultivate the political ecology of the wind and righteousness.We must adhere to the movement forward, carry out education reminders normalize, strictly implement the spirit of the eight central regulations, put the formalism and bureaucracy in more prominent positions, and resolutely rectify the implementation of unforgettable implementation, the right to use, and infringe on the interests of the masses.Outstanding issue.Strengthen the supervision and inspection of political and business exchanges, and promote the establishment of the relationship between the pro -government and business.It is necessary to coordinate the construction of integrity culture, and strictly implement the list of task lists in the new era of clean culture.Fifth, we must adhere to strengthening the construction of the supervision system, and to prevent the risk of clean government with hard work.Strengthen disciplinary inspection, party committee, audit supervision and coordination, and form a joint supervision force.Fully support the work of the disciplinary inspection and supervision team of the resident committee, and deepen the work communication and negotiation and cooperation mechanism of the party group and the disciplinary inspection and supervision team of the commission and the resident committee.Increase random inspections and "flight inspections", improve the supervision and inspection mechanism, and further play the role of "outpost" and "firewall".