Federal Reserve announced that interest rate cuts are uncertain adjustment of gold price interval adjustment

2024-02-22 16:22:28 hot topic

Thehot topic international spot gold opened a small rise in the market this Friday (January 5), and the gold price range slowly increased the trend.At 14:37 Beijing time, gold is temporarily reported to 2044.30.

The meeting of the Federal Reserve from December 12th to 13th announced on Wednesday showed that policy makers are increasingly realized that inflation has been controlled and worried about the central bank's "excessive restrictions" monetary policy.The prospect of the Federal Reserve has increased the prospect of interest rate cuts, and the overall prospect of gold prices is optimistic.Although the Federal Reserve announced the uncertainty of the uncertainty of the decision on interest rate cuts may keep the price of gold high.According to the CME Fedwatch tool, traders expect the Federal Reserve to reduce interest rates at 25 basis points at the March 20th policy meeting of about 66%.

The focus of the layout of this trading day is the time form of the form. The first five trading days continued the rebound of the Asian disk. The European and American market fell. Many trading days also participated around this rhythm. This trading day continued.many.