In 2024, the current status of China's gold industry market demand analysis of gold jewelry is the largest consumer market [Photos]

2024-02-22 14:33:08 moment information

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Core data in this article:China's gold consumption; the distribution of downstream demand in China's gold industry; Chinese gold jewelry consumption; Chinese gold coins and gold bars consumption

Domestic gold consumption demand fluctuation changes

From the perspective of my country's gold consumption demand, my country's gold consumption in 2017-2022 has fluctuated.In 2018, the national gold consumption reached its peak, reaching 1151.43 tons; in 2020, affected by the epidemic, the annual gold consumption demand fell to 821 tons, the lowest value in recent years; , my country's gold consumption has fallen again, 1001.74 tons; the cumulative consumption of 835.07 tons in the first three quarters of 2023.

Gold jewelry demand dominates

The demand for gold is mainly divided into three aspects: consumer demand, reserve demand and investment demand: of which consumer demand includes jewelry and industrial field demand in the industrial field, and the economic development speed and status determine the consumer demand of gold and residents.Reserve demand is the official golden reserve of central banks used to prevent financial risks.The investment demand of gold includes products such as purchasing gold bars and gold coins, gold ETFS to meet the needs of investors' storage and value -preserving, including anti -inflation, economic and financial risks in the face of economic recession, and international geopolitical issues.Insurance demand, etc.

According to the China Gold Association, gold jewelry is the largest consumer market for gold. In the first three quarters of 2023, the gold consumption in the field of gold jewelry was 552.04 tons, accounting for 66.11%;26.63%; the gold consumption in industrial and other gold in the field of gold is 60.66 tons, accounting for 7.26%.

Gold jewelry consumption has fallen

According to data from the China Gold Association, the consumption of gold jewelry in my country from 2019-2022 has fluctuated.In 2020, China was significantly affected by the epidemic, weak economy, and high gold prices, and the demand for gold jewelry has reached the low point over the years; in 2021, with the recovery of economic recovery and the relaxation of the epidemic blockade, the demand for gold jewelry has recovered.711.29 tons.

In 2022, although the prevention and control of the epidemic at the beginning of the year was better to drive the demand for gold jewelry, the demand for strong recovery, the subsequent epidemic had once again dragged the demand for gold jewelry again; coupled with the high gold price in the fourth quarter, it also caused the demand for gold jewelry.Fall to 654.32 tons.

In the first three quarters of 2023, the consumption of gold jewelry was 552.04 tons, a year -on -year increase of 5.72%.In the third quarter of 2023, gold prices continued to be at a high level, and the growth of gold jewelry consumption slowed down, especially when the "double festival" gold price fluctuated significantly at the end of September, and the view of gold jewelry consumption was worsened.

Gold coins and gold bars consumption demand at high speed growth

In terms of investment demand for gold, from 2019-2022, my country's consumer demand shows a first increase and then drop.In 2021, the consumption of Chinese gold coins and gold bars was 312.86 tons, reaching the peak in the past few years; in 2022, the gold bars were affected by the domestic gold bars that continued to be at high levels and exchange rate fluctuations. The demand for gold coins and gold bars fell to 258.94 tons as a whole.

In the first three quarters of 2023, the high volatility of gold prices made physical gold investments a high degree of attention. The consumption of gold bars and gold coins was 222.37 tons, an increase of 15.98%year -on -year.

For more research and analysis of this industry, please refer to the "Analysis Report of the China Gold Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Analysis Report".