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2024-02-22 14:30:11 breaking news

Thebreaking news huge differences and worrying situations in the United States are getting stronger, especially on the border problem that the federal government of Hongzhou and Biden began to confront directly!

At the same time, the governor of Texas, Abert signed a statement of self -defense, expressed his opposition to Biden's border policy.

The statement about the self -defense of the Constitution of Texas is as follows:

The federal government destroyed the contract between the United States and the American people.The U.S. administrative department has the constitutional obligation to implement federal laws that protect the states, including the current immigration law.President Biden refused to implement these laws and even violated these laws.As a result, he destroyed the record of illegal immigrants.

Although he had warned President Biden through a series of letters-one of them was handed over to him by myself-President Biden still ignored Texas to ask him to fulfill his duties given to him.

President Biden violated the vow of the immigration law promulgated by the Congress.President Biden did not sue immigration with illegal federal crimes, but sent his lawyer to the federal court to prosecute to ensure the security of the border.

President Biden has instructed his institution to ignore the federal law on authorization to detain illegal immigrants. The effect is illegal allowing their collective parole to enter the United States.

By wasting the money of the taxpayer to destroy the border security infrastructure of Texas, President Bayeng seduced illegal immigrants from 28 legal entry points along the southern border bridge of the state to enter the dangerous waters of the Grand River.Someone will be drowned.

Under the border policy of President Biden, within three years, more than 6 million illegal immigrants crossed the southern border.This is more population than the 33 states in my country.This illegal refusal to protect the United States has caused unprecedented harm to the American people.

James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and other viewers who drafted the US Constitution foresee that states should not let a heaven presidential mercy.EssenceBecause of this, the constitutional makers will ensure that the federal government "protects the states from invasion", paragraph 4,, paragraph 4 and acknowledge the "1), paragraph 10, paragraph 3, paragraph 3 of" the sovereignty interests of each state in protecting its border "constitution.

The obligations stipulated in Article 4 of the Constitution, paragraph 4 of the Constitution, have triggered the right to retain the right of national self -defense.For these reasons, I have announced that in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 10, paragraph 3, the invasion clauses, quoting the constitutional power of the state of Kosas to defend and protect myself.The power is the highest law of the country and replaces any federal regulations that opposite it.

The National Guards of Texas, the Ministry of Public Safety of Texas, and other Seshaas personnel are taking action based on this authorization and state law to ensure the security of the border of Texas.

Several other red states expressed their efforts to support Texas to protect their border and express their concerns about the recent ruling of the Supreme Court.

This includes:

Arizona, Florida, Louisiana,

Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia,

South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee,

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri,

Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana,


They believe that the federal government has failed to fully solve the border security problems, which has led to the states to solve the problem by themselves.

The map can not keep up with the increase in the list.