[Special] Gold 72 hours have passed more than 200 people in the Japanese earthquake -stricken area.

2024-02-22 14:57:29 hot news

  Gold 72 hours have passed more than 200 people in the Japanese earthquake -stricken area.

    Hu Ruoyu

  The热点新闻 number of victims of Japan's earthquakes increased to 94 in the afternoon of the 5th, and there were still 222 people's whereabouts were unknown. Many of them were old people.After 72 hours of rescue gold, it has been over, and snowfall will be ushered in the weekend. The hope of survival in the ruins is slim.

  Road interruption is still the biggest problem for rescue materials transportation.More than 33,000 shelters need to be aid.

  【Time urgent】

  According to the list of lost personnel issued by the Ishikawa County Government, 222 people mainly come from the island and Pearl City City, and most of them are the elderly.Local residents said that many lost people who were pressed under the house were likely to be the elderly.

  Chichuan County Chi Hao said that as of 4 pm on the 4th, the gold has passed for 72 hours. "The survivors who need to be rescued will have a chance to decline significantly."

  The rescue workers rescued two old women who were trapped in the ruins in the Wanshima City later, and their social media cheered.However, time is passing.The weather forecast is snowing on weekends, and it is even more urgent to find survivors.

  On the 4th, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Monteo decided to increase the self -defense team members who supported the disaster area to 4,600.The Maritime Self -Defense Force used a cushion boat to send the heavy equipment required to clear obstacles such as bulldozers to the shore.According to Chi Hao, the earthquake caused the sea bed to deform, and large ships were unable to go to some seaports on the Peninsula.

  Some self -defense officers entered the disaster area and joined the search and rescue team that the firefighters and the police were mainly led by firefighters and police a few days after the disaster.In the island city, a reporter from Agence France -Presse saw that a group of self -defense members entered from a crushed window of a collapsed house to find a lost resident.A self -defense team shouted, "Is anyone in it? Please answer!"

  On the fourth day of the earthquake, the disaster was still unclear.Kyodo News reported on the 5th that more than 700 people in the villages in Ishikawa County were still in isolated.There are 14 regions in Wanjima City who also become islands and cannot count the number of affected people.The municipal government received more than 40 reports of "someone buried", and the disaster may be further expanded.

  According to the "Sankei News" report, in a antique old street in Baolicho, Zhuzhou City, the buildings along the street collapsed, and the silence was stopped like time.According to some residents, the local fire brigade and support teams from other places are mainly searched and rescued in the city center, and they have not yet come to Baolicho, far from the city.

  It is reported that in Yusucho, Ishikawa County, search and rescue began earlier, but progress was slow.Some rescue team came to a collapsed house for rescue, but was told by the nearby residents that the people in it had been rescued, reflecting the confusion of the rescue operation information.

  【Sake and wait for assistance】

  According to the Associated Press and other media, although Japan is represented by post -disaster rescue, since this earthquake has occurred, the evacuation points of Ishikawa Prefecture are about to exhaust the necessary materials such as water, food and blankets.Hygienic conditions such as epidemic prevention are worrying.

  Kyodo Society said that as of the 4th, about 30,000 households in Ishikawa County had been power off, and about 80,000 households in 13 cities stopped water.The mayor of the island Sakagaka said that the city's 11,000 avoidance people have received only 3,000 meals and 5,000 bottles of water as of the 3rd.

  At a evacuation point at Morizhima City, 62 -year -old Kyoko Kyoko (transliteration) and more than 200 people lined up for meals."There is no tap water, we can't wash my hands after we go to the toilet," she told Reuters reporter. "There is only 3 weeks of a baby in the refuge, and the water of milk powder or milk powder does not look enough."

  At the temporary asylum at a primary school in Zhuzhou, about 300 people with refugees were waiting for assistance.

  A 30 -year -old woman took a refuge with 3 children and told the "Asahi Shimbun" reporter: "Even if I give the children the children, it is not enough. I have almost nothing to eat in the past two days."

  Xiaoya Paul (transliteration) shows how small the rice balls are in their hands to the Associated Press, "We have only two rice balls."The old man took refuge with his wife, and only got the water in the disposable paper cup with half a cup of water.

  Xiao Yan said that he couldn't return to the destroyed house, and he could only sleep with other evacuation people now. "Let's chat together and try to encourage each other."He hopes to assist in the road.

  【Road Observation】

  However, many roads leading to the disaster area are either blocked by the landslides of the mountain or a crack of different sizes in the earthquake, making it difficult for trucks to transport assistance supplies.Attachi officials said that as of the 4th, there were still about 100 blocking points in the county's roads.

  "The first thing is the road. The road interruption not only hinders the transportation of supplies, but also affects the recovery of power supply, water supply, mobile phone signals and other life -saving infrastructure."

  A medical caregiver Gao Lijun (transliteration), a medical career who had participated in many disaster relief, told Reuters reporters: "Compared to other earthquakes, the road in the island city is very bad. I think assisting supplies are much later than usual."He believes that the shelters will have to stay in a shelter environment with difficult conditions for a while.

  At Qiwei City, the traffic police told private car drivers that the main roads leading to the island city preferentially to ensure the traffic of disaster relief vehicles.The gas station restricts private car refueling.Many people are worried about the aftershocks and choose to spend the night in the car.

  The earthquakes and lost contacts include some people who come to Ishikawa Prefecture from other places to celebrate the New Year.