[Expert view] Supply chain finance to help production and sales

2024-01-30 07:50:23 exclusive information

□ Mo Kaiwei

During the "Double Festival", people's consumption enters the peak season, which is the "two prosperous" season for business companies.During this period of commercial enterprises, as consumption gradually recovered, the general problem is that it is easy to fall into the dilemma of money and goods. It is possible to restrict the loose supply environment of the consumption supply environment and the release of people's consumption potential during the "double festival" period.At this time, the role of supply chain finance should be reflected.

As a key part of supply chain finance, financial institutions can give full play to the "short -circuit" problem of funds and information between commercial supply and marketing companies to give full play to the "dredging" role of supply chain finance, so that the overall efficiency of finance can have the overall efficiencyPlay comprehensively and continuously improve the quality of financial services.

Give play to the role of supply chain financial financing channels.Financial institutions should comprehensively collect the information, funding sources, and other resource advantages of the supply chain finance itself, to develop practical financing supporting solutions, effectively solve the possible credit or information issues that any single enterprise exist, eliminate corporate financing channelsobstacle.At the same time, actively provides enterprises in the supply chain to provide timely and full credit financing supply, provide effective solutions for the concept and technical bottleneck of SME financing, and avoid the embarrassment of small and medium -sized enterprises in the credit market during the "double festival" period.situation.

Give full play to the cost of reducing the cost of supply chain.The first is to innovate loan varieties, shorten the loan time, meet the needs of high turnover of commercial bank accounts, and truly ensure that the sales of commodity sales and loan efficiency match.Second, all enterprises in the supply chain can carry out "group purchase" loan financing as needed, and continuously promote the innovation of commercial loan development models and risk control methods.The third is to continuously expand and stabilize the customer base in the supply chain, reduce the cost of customer acquisition, and then increase the profitability of all supply chain companies.

Give full play to the role of supply chain finance.Financial institutions should pay more attention to the importance of financial science and technology information during the "double festival" period, and open up the information connection platform between the government, banks, enterprises and consumers, eliminate mutual information barriers, and enable various market informationEffectively docking to form a real financial engine that activates the vitality of consumer during the "double festival".

(The author is a researcher at the Chinese Institute of Financial Research)